Bionicos and Juices Rios


Bionicos and Juices Rios


Design, development, inventory management


  • Next.js
  • Stripe
  • Supabase
  • Strapi


The company did not have a website and needed one with online ordering. Some of the top priorities were:

  • Design and develop online ordering system
  • Capture new customers
  • Manage inventory pricing


Using Strapi API to host the products, a Next.js front end statically generates all categories and products at build time. Auth is handled with Supabase. Checkout securely with Stripe's API. Customers have Apple Pay and Google Pay options.


  • Upload categories, products, weekly specials, and featured products
  • Fetch all products on Next.js front end
  • Implement user profiles with Supabase
  • Implement Stripe API for checkout
  • Post-launch, continuing to refactor and expand the code base

Feature Highlights:

  • Fast menu loading thanks to Next.js SSG
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Login with Google Account
  • Daily specials and featured items
  • Pull Yelp Review's from their API
  • Store credit cards securely with Stripe Customer API